[Advaita-l] Sringeri Jagatguru announces His Successor

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 04:42:21 CST 2015


Is there a strict rule in Sringeri to appoint only Telugu Brahmins as
Uttara Adhikari? This Swamji and others before him are all Telugu Brahmins
or AP. I know the rule he must be Yajur Vedi but I don't know of any rule
he must also be from Telugu speaking family or AP only. Why not Dravida
Brahmins like Tamil Iyers, Kerala Namboodiri or Kannada speaking Brahmins?

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> Namaste,
> One of the joyous moments for us.
> Shri Bharati Tirtha Swamiji has announced His uttarAdhikAri in sringeri.
> All the rituals of pITArOhaNa would start from 22nd Jan'15 which is
> followed by mahAvAkya anugraha on 23d Jan'15.
> One of the brilliant brahmachArIs of sringeri veda pATashAla shri Kuppa
> Venkateshwara Prasad has been selected as the uttarAdhikAri who is the son
> of a great vedic & tarka scholar shrI kuppa siva subramanya avadhani garu,
> who served as veda pATashAla principal in Keesaragutta, near Hyderabad, and
> is the veda principal of TTD currently.
> Let us all pray our due respects to the jagatguru-dwayam of sringeri now.
> regs,
> sriram
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