[Advaita-l] The Authenticity of the Shiva Sahasra Nāma

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Dear Sri Sriram ji,

Nice to hear about this.  If you have the book, could you please let us
know if the revered author has said in the book that he is commenting on
the Shiva sahasra nāma that is present in the ānuśāsanika parva of the
Could you also provide a scan of the relevant page/s?

warm regards

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> Namaste,
> A great madhvA scholar by name shrI BH Ananda tIrtha (DOB : 02-05-1948),
> who was born to mahAmahOpAdhyAya, pada-vAkya-pramANa shrI BH padmanAbharAya
> sarma, wrote a gloss for shiva-sahasranAma in telugu.   He was the pradhAna
> shishyA of shrI satyapramOda tirtha of uttarAdi mutt and studied the madhva
> shAstra under His Holiness.
> shrI Ananda tIrtha, was a mahArASTra paNDita, who studied under various
> stalwarts like mAmiDEla sitarama sAstry, shrI brahmadatta jignAsu, shrI BNK
> Sarma, shrI chArudEva shAstry etc. He was awarded "vyAkaraNAchArya" and
> "niruktAchArya" birudAvaLi from Banaras Hindu University and in Puna Madhva
> Sammelana, He was awarded "shrI madhva-shAstra-ratnAkaraH". He was awarded
> the "sAhitya-vAchaspati" in Jaipur paNDita sabha.
> When such a great madhva scholar wrote a short commentary of
> shiva-sahasranama, without any inhibitions, rest of the madhvas can be
> ignored who are just a small fry.
> Some of the explanations are wonderful to contemplate that present
> thought-provoking meanings.
> Sometime back, shrI rAma publishers, printed this work which is out of
> print now.
> regs,
> sriram
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