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It is easier said than done.But with conscious effort one can by slow degrees elevate himself.May be after many rebirths if one believes in reincarnation.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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>  Dear Friends,                        Vairagi should not become slave to anything and should live like a lotus leaf in the waters (what ever may the quality) of life without being touched or polluted by it.   The same thing was emphasized by krishna in the gita to arjuna one can control the mind with abhayasa/practice and vairagya/dispassion. This virtue of detachment is advocated by Hinduism/Jainism/Budhism. It clearly tells one who performs his duty without attachment & surrendering the results to the supreme soul of the sriguru is unaffected by sinfull actions like the lotus untouched by the muddy waters.
> Detachment is one of the supreme ideals of jainism/buddhism along with non-violence/non-possession/non-attachment .Upanishad say that 'leave the attachment'/possessiveness still being satisfied with what ever is presented to you. Vedanta's fundamentals are also comes from vairagya.Vairgya is dispassion,detachment & renunication from material objects as it does not mean "Giving up" or developing repulsion for material objects.True vairgya is nothing but the internal state of mind rather than external life style. It can  be practised by a person who was engaged in house hold activities or by a sanyasi. By doing this one can maintain a balance between inner spiritual state and external life by thinking everthing is happening by Brahmn/Cosmic consciousness.
> All attachments causes suffering and one should not live in the illusory world of maya but what make you to live is Love only. Love means Kindness/service/forgiveness/Helpfullness with out expectation. The root cause for vairgya is Viveka/discrimination which to undestanding i.e 'anada' and that is what vivekandna practised.Intense viargya can leads to moksha.
> According to swami sivananda: Viagya can be cultiavted if we consider ourselves as Trustees not owners. it can reached in steps.1.One should make an attempt to 'not allow the mind to run after sensual channels'. 
> 2. Train your mind to overcome attraction and attachment for objects.3. When the sensed remains still but the mind has neither liking/disliking there by things proceeds independenlty without your concern.
> 4. when the objects no longer tempts you, your mind is "FREE" and you will establish vairgya and without that spiritual progress is not possible.5. After gaining control over the mind and by dissolving kama/krodha/ahankara, one can easily self -realisation. 
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