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Namaste Sri Raghav Kumar garu
Thank you for your kind words. My response is in line.
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Namaste Siva Senani garuThank you for the interesting and helpful posts. Its an excellent topic and your painstaking research is evident.1. That the vaiyAkaraNa was the first to propose the idea of vivarta is surely in his favor. Why is the vivarta of the vaiyAkaraNa considered weak? 
--- To my knowledge "vivarta of the VaiyAkaraNa is not considered weak". Some tried to interpret the sentence यतो जगतः प्रक्रिया विवर्तते in two versions, according to Prof. Ashok Aklujkar (The Word is the World); but that is their interpretation. VaiyAkaraNas such as Helaraaja, NagesabhaTTa and Raghunatha Sharma do not have these two versions.
The vRtti on vAkyapadIya (VK) 1.1 has this idea explaining vivarta - 
ekasya tattvAd apracyutasya bhedAnukAreNa asatyavibhakta-anyarupopagRhItA vivartaH
the appearance of one thing which without deviating/falling away from its own real state assumes many other forms which are different from its real nature. (a better translation is welcome).
--- in the version that I have there is a slight change in the text: anyarUpagrAhitA vivartaH.
is it true that PrakAsAtman has also quoted (in effect, endorsed)  this particular (VK1.1 Vrtti) definition of vivarta in his panchapAdikA-vivaraNa?

--- I do not know, Sir.
By any chance, is there any online version of the vRtti on VK?
--- Yes. It is an old Sansknet file. It can be downloaded here. You will have to download the fonts, first though (I am including the link to Wilourhall.org so that you may explore the vast treasure therein). I have downloaded all the Vakyapadiya files of Sansknet in Devanagari here.

2. Are there any grounds to say that the meaning of the words pariNAma and vivarta are insufficiently distinguished by BhartRhari?
--- Yes. In one kaarikaa (1.120 or 1.124, depending on the version one follows), both words are used in the same sens, i.e. apparent modification:
शब्दस्य परिणामोऽयमित्याम्नायविदो विदुः। छन्दोभ्य एव प्रथममेतद्विश्वं व्यवर्तत॥
Those who know Vedas say that this [world] is a pariNAma (=vivarta, apparent modification) of Sabda. This universe had been apparently modified from Veda only (I have purposefully translated in a way to retain the grammatical nuances of the Sanskrit original, torturing English to an extent in the process).
RegardsN. Siva Senani

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