[Advaita-l] SolUtion in Bad TIMES-Dabate over Belief/Disbelief

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> The take home message is, If any body cheated in life, you are rather 
> lucky, why because the suffering takes to you to the depth where as the 
> cheater remains superficial forever as his betrayism blocks all his 
> doors and always need to depend on the cheat.

Isn't this exactly the situation that the king Suratha  and Samadhi 
Vaishya find themselves in?  Suratha had been a mighty ruler but his 
enemies conquered him and eventually even his own ministers and generals 
betrayed him.  Samadhi was a rich merchant but his family plotted against 
him and stole his wealth casting him out penniless from his home.  They 
meet at the ashrama of Rshi Medhas who explains the delusion they are in 
by narrating the Chandi Patha.

But I don't think I would 100% agree that "suffering takes you to the 
depths"  It can in the person who has viveka but there are plenty of 
unfortunate people who learn nothing from their situation and spend their 
lives in despondancy and blame.  On the hand being comfortable is not 
necessarily an impediment.  Take Yajnavalkya who was married (with two 
wives!) and was the wealthy urban-dwelling advisor to a powerful emperor. 
Yet he gave up all that once having realized its delusionary nature.

So viveka is the real solution to whatever times one finds oneself in.

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