[Advaita-l] SolUtion in Bad TIMES-Dabate over Belief/Disbelief

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Sat Sep 27 04:18:38 CDT 2014

Dear memebers,
                               If one wants to know what will be the solution in Bad Times, according to Ramakrishna one should listen to his own will (aTMA) irrresepective of Gains. In this some may gain or may loose. To address this one has to Debate over Belief/ Disbelief.

I request Enlightened members to show some light over this debate.

I read a wonderfull article in speaking tree (Author: Sh. Arup Mitra)  and according to that,

We all normanl human beings  pursue all the matters which we wish, but what drives us away from this pursuance is GREED, as it leads to grabbing, which creates a turmoil in the mind of the sadhaka thereby we remain in the peripehry/bank and finally we will not able to reach into the ocean to reach the depth.

The take home message is, If any body cheated in life, you are rather lucky, why because the suffering takes to you to the depth where as the cheater remains superficial forever as his betrayism blocks all his doors and always need to depend on the cheat.

The looser bound to his own conciousness, listening to inner voice, created eternal treasures for the self while the gainer has greased the wheels of his downfall.

with regards


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