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Namaste Sriram ji,

Except BrahmA ji, all devatA-s hold weapons including the feminine aspects
like kAlI mA. Forgiving anyone is valuable only when you are in a position
to hit back, yet you choose to restrain. Else it is more of a compulsion
then a choice. sattva guNa is purest guNa. Those teachings of ahimsA are
there to cut down rajasa and tamas guNa.

Buddha and Mahavir became more famous, as they were sons of kings. They
rejected all the wealth in the world and became sanyAsin. What if someone
runs away from personal problems and becomes sanyAsin? Renunciation is
valued only if you have something to renounce, else what are you going to
renounce. It is an act of cowardliness.

I have observed in lives of great saints that their kundli (horoscope)
talks about two extremes depending upon the choice individual makes, s/he
can become either a great saint OR can become great king (popular,
wealthy). E.g. are Buddha, Mahavir, Vivekananda. Even Narendra Modi was
predicted in same way. So they do have ability to be successful businessmen
or a lawyer or a king (PM, CM), but most of them choose to renounce wealth
and fame for immortality. Hence a sanyAsin is always capable of becoming a
successful householder.

If you have diabetes and you do not eat sweets, is this renunciation of
sweets count anything? It is more of a compulsion.

If someone, by the grace of guru can stay neutral and feel the peace
flowing through him, then it is ok to talk about being neutral to anything
that is happening, as mind is very purified and all the vedAntic statements
are accounted, but not otherwise. Living an oppressed life is not good.

If I talk more, it will derail this thread and discussion will not be in
scope of this group.


On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 5:02 PM, Venkata sriram P via Advaita-l <
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> Namaste Dear Sujal,
> ////////
> I personally prefer that instead of spending time in raising objections and
> giving refutations, we should defend Hinduism from people like Zakir Naik
> ;)
> /////////
> Good post sujal.
> In dEvi-mAhAtmyam, there is an episode of "mahishAsura-vadha".  This asura
> changes his forms and assumes sometimes as buffalo, elephant, swords-man,
> lion etc.
> The sanAtana-dharma dvEshIs assume different forms like mahishAsura.
> The need of the hour is invoke the power of shakti in the form of
> "simha-vAhini.
> hrIm namaH chaNDikAyai
> regs,
> sriram
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