[Advaita-l] Govindanatha, author of the Śankaracaryacarita (17th CE)

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Not much is known, I'm afraid, about the author of this text, in terms of who he was, where he lived etc. Even the usually proposed date in the 17th century is only a guess by a previous generation of scholars. The poem itself gives no clue about when it was composed, because other than Sankaracharya and his disciples, it does not really refer to any historical personalities or events from which a date can be deduced.
I have briefly examined it and done a comparative study of various Sankaravijaya texts in my paper in the International Journal of Hindu Studies in the year 2000. I can provide more  publication details or share a copy offline, if interested. 
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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Govindanatha, author of the Śankaracaryacarita (17th CE)
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> I would like to ask if perhaps anybody knows something more about
> Govindanatha from Kerala, the author of Śankaracaryacarita
> (Keraliya-Śankara-vijaya), who lived probably around the first half of 17th
> century?
> I would be really grateful for any information.
> Olga
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