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Dear All, 

Apart from surrendering oneself to the lotus feet of one's chosen deity at all times (not merely in times of perceived need of support and grace, we always need the grace of the divine at all times), one can and should definitely chant whatever divine mantras one can for one's general peace, without feeling ill-will towards others. Repeatedly chanting the Vishnu Sahasranama or Lalitha Sahasranama, or simply the Rama Nama or Shiva Nama cand efinitely bring peace. 

Even I have been through very critical times during my career. My boss was a very biased person and he promoted only employees from his state and did not consider me for promotion, even though I was much more qualified and I felt very dejected. At such critical times, only my surrender to the divine lotus feet of my chosen deity saved me from utter ruination. 

i would like to add this one more point from Talk 63 of the first volume of The Talks with Sri Ramana Maharishi as follows:

Talk 63. Volume I
A high officer asked: If juniors are
promoted over oneself the mind is perturbed. Will the enquiry, ‘Who am
I?’ help the man to soothe
the mind under such circumstances? 

Sri Ramana Maharishi/'s answer to this: Yes. Quite so. The enquiry ‘Who am I?’ turns the mind inward and makes it calm.

Hope I have been able to help to at least some extent. Pranams, Ramesh

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