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Can grace it be krupA (kripA)? Spokensanskrit.de has this meaning.


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>  The word grace is a christian term - what is that in our tradition karuNa
>> (compassion) or anugraha?
> The closest Sanskrit equivalent to "grace" is prasAda.  It is the gift of
> of love that BhagavAn bestows not as any kind of "commercial" transaction
> but purely as part of His nature.  Or Her as we remember at this time of
> year.  In our tradition we stress the purNa aspect of the supreme shakti.
> As symbolized in the ShrIchakra, starting from an infitesimal point we
> meditate on Her as She expands outwards until the entire brahmAnDa is
> filled with Her presence.  This prasAda we call mAtA because isn't our
> first memory of unconditional love from our own mothers?  As our Acharya
> says kuputro jayeta kachidapi kumAtA na bhavati.
> In the external realm as well what we offer of ourselves (niveda) is
> called prasAda because it is returned to us full of the grace of our
> iShTadevatA.
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