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Sun Sep 21 01:29:51 CDT 2014

Srī mātre namah


Thank you for clarifying my query. 
But even if yagnopavitham should be wear like garland then also what about current practice.
How can we stop the current practice and start wearing yagnopavitham in garland position.
significance of the verse: Sikhaam pundramcha sootramcha samayaachaarameva cha, poorvairaacharitam kuryaat anyathaa patito bhavet (शिकाम् पुण्ड्रम्च सूत्रम्च पूर्वैराचरितम् समयाचारमेव पूर्वैराचरितम् कुर्यात् अन्याया पतितो भवेत्)
I'm sorry for akshara ashuddhi in devnAgri text .


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