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Your father is correct. It should be started in Sarad purNimA. Pitru paksha
is not a good time to start IMO, others can confirm here. Honestly,
DAndiyA-rAsa (todays version) is just for fun, no spirituality. Hence as a
dance competition or as enjoyment / recreation, people think practically
and select time and not look at panchang. garbA is related to garbha, that
we have in the centre. There are many meanings of dancing around this garbA
/ garbha, but people are least interested in knowing these things (google
to know more). Athiesim in guise of modern thinking is a universal problem.
navarAtri is a festival related to devi-s and devi upAsaka-s should
meditate both externally and later on internally by activating kundalini
with the help of guru, but who is interested in spiritual / yogic aspects.

Hari OM



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> On Fri, 19 Sep 2014, Ravi Chandrasekhara wrote:
>  Having grown up with Gujarati friends, I've attended and participated in
>> Dandiya Raas. By speaking and understanding Hindi and also through exposure
>> and interest. I can understand a good amount of Gujarati and hence still
>> enjoy Raas krida. Guj Samaj tends to throw Garba Raas events even before
>> Navaratri but is it proper to have it during Pitru Paksha? My father advise
>> me not to attend/participate as it is during Pitru Paksha.
>> Any comments, especially from Gujarati members ?
> Your father is correct.  As well as Navaratri, Garba is also performed
> around Sharad Purnima (Purnima of Ashvin masa) as that is when the events
> of rasapanchadhyayi in Bhagavata Purana took place but it is absolutely not
> ok during pitr paksha.  Unfortunately some weekend Hindus shunt all utsavas
> to Saturday and Sunday regardless of the correct tithi.  It's a problem
> that will solve itself in one generation.
> --
> Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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