[Advaita-l] Madhvas custom of Sraddha is not correct

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I will give other side of coin :)

These days, even sanyasins have mail and twitter a/cs. They have iphone,
ipad a laptop and they too roam in cars? So why blame brahmins who have to
strive for their living on the own. Does anyone come to their house and
asks them if they have enough wheat floor? Besides cost of living is very
high. Educated middle class have just one or two kids, as education is a
very costly business. Not only that the amount of time and the syllabus
that ICSE, CBSE has makes sure that parent spend sleepless nights
completing their kids projects while the kid is busy playing game on mobile
or surfing net.

Who should be blamed for this. Doe anyone accept responsibility? If you
complain that brahmins do not send their kids to gurukuls, then why not
make their future safe by offering unconditionnal monthly donations in
their bank account so that they can concentrate only on veda-s. Brahmins in
general have conscience and they know that they should study veda-s, but
current lifestyle makes them to think about money first. If brahmins should
not allow to live a luxurious life, then they should be assured of safe
future. Again, the importance that we all give to the excessive competition
regarding securing admission in the machine making educational courses
(engg, doctor, etc) which have no place for character building should also
be diluted. Remember brahmins also live in the same society and their kids
also play and grow up in association with non-brahmin kids.

If I get 95 % in 12th board exams, but my mind is destructive and you get
90 % but your mind is constructive, who will get admission first? When I
come out of graduatiion, I will use all my knowledge for destructive
purpose and who is to be blamed?

Even saints play power game then why just blame brahmins. What about other
varNA-s. Can kshatriya-s guarantee security and safety to brahmins?

These type of statements will discourage few brahmins who are actually
carrying out the work of karma-kANDa by taking money.



On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 6:37 PM, Srirudra via Advaita-l <
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> Dear Sri Venkateshmurthy
> How you conclude that I am upset with the purohits having car.I am just
> saying that their living standards have increased and so their demand for
> Dakshina.I am so happy that you are an ideal family man and also by God 's
> grace very affluent.I hold my opinion.You hold yours.Nothing wrong.I call a
> spade a a spade.There are good ones but there are bad ones
> too.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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