[Advaita-l] events during Pitru Paksha

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Fri Sep 19 18:50:42 CDT 2014

Pranam to all,

During Pitru Paksha one should not carry out auspicious events such as vivaha, Gruha Pravesha , etc; even if parents are living. Even one should not throw dinner parties or have celebrations.

Having grown up with Gujarati friends, I've attended and participated in Dandiya Raas. By speaking and understanding Hindi and also through exposure and interest. I can understand a good amount of Gujarati and hence still enjoy Raas krida. Guj Samaj tends to throw Garba Raas events even before Navaratri but is it proper to have it during Pitru Paksha? My father advise me not to attend/participate as it is during Pitru Paksha.

Any comments, especially from Gujarati members ?

Jai Ambe !
Ravi Chandrasekhara

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