[Advaita-l] Obstacles for Spiritual Progress V - Part II

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Shree Viswanath - PraNAms

I am not underestimating the role of external sanyaasa. It is helpful for those who can take it and live with the required ashrama dharma; although it has become difficult to live as parivraajaka now a days without some infrastructure support. Established missions are providing some infrastructure in support but at an individual level it becomes difficult and one has to spend lot more energies in building ashramas thus defeating the very purpose of taking sanyasa. I know that there are many in the list and else where that do not agree with the assessment. Hence I only voicing my understanding for whatever it is worth.

Internal sanyaasa is, of course, essential - thyaagenaike amRitatvamaanasuH - Any dependence on other than oneself is slavery and bondage - this is true irrespective what ashrama one is in. Sarvam paravasham duHkham sarvam aatmavasam sukham - says Maniu SmRiti.

What is said is only external sanyaasa is not essential for moksha - what is needed is the firm abidance in the knowledge gained via shravana and manana. Isolation and contemplation would help in keeping the mind away from the dissipating pursuits of daily living and particularly helpful in the early stages.

Hari Om!

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 Poojya Sadaji,
 Thank you so much for
 providing such a clarity on aspect of Sanyasa for
 You are very
 correct in saying internal sanyasa is more relevant in
 present world rather than
 external sanyasa
 which is being largely abused or misunderstood,
 Hope I am correct if I say, as
 long as this BMI exist, just play the role as if you are
 playing a role on stage knowing well you are not that
 character you are playing but for that movement on stage.

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