[Advaita-l] Madhvas custom of Sraddha is not correct

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Advaitins really aren't in a position to criticize these kinds of minor
things. In homas, we see advaitins invoke brahma in darbha as a matter of
course. Often, the purohita recites both portions of the punyahavachana.
The nandi shraddha, which involves a homa and several brahmanas is hardly
being done that way.

The bigger problem is that few people make an attempt to understand the
significance behind what they are doing. Even fewer people do it with
bhakti and shraddha. And this problem spans all divisions.



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> Namaste
> I am seeing lot of Madhvas go to Maths for doing Paksha Sraddha. I went to
> learn what they are doing. They are doing Group Sraddha like one Purohita
> is saying Mantras and instructions and all Kartas are doing at the same
> time. This is not correct.
> The second mistake is they are doing only Chataka Sraddha with Darbhe
> Brahmanas but not Pratyaksha Brahmanas. They are using Darbhe instead of
> real Brahmanas.
> I went to Sankara Math and asked the people there. They also said we should
> not do Chataka Sraddha when Brahmins are available. If there is acute
> shortage of Brahmanas to sit in Vishwe deva and Pitru Sthana we can use
> Darbhe Brahmana.
> Other comments welcome.
> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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