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Thank you for sharing. Author(s) of Narayanastra blog has written a lot of
things :)

I have read Biography of Shringeri Shankaracharya Sri Abhinav Vidyatirth
Mahaswami which is a collection of saying by present Shankaracharya Sri
Bharti Tirth Mahaswami. If we read this book titled 'Yoga, Enlightenment
and Perfection' much things would be cleared. Shiva himself taught Hatha
yoga in dreams. Later he meditated on Lord Shiva as mentioned in
Dakshinamurthy dhyana sloka and with snake as his ornaments. after one
hour, when he opened his eyes, he noticed that a snake was loosely coiled
round his neck. He cuddled snake and it seems that he liked it. Snake
rested his fins on right cheek. After 5 minutes, snake went away. Later
Lord Shiva himself have him divine vision and blessed Sri Abhinav
Vidyatirth (AV) for proceed for Nirguna sadhana.

He was just 13 1/2 years when he was given sanyasa and these divine
incidents happened within 5 years after taking sanyasa.

AV also learned about kundalini yoga and it was Amba who herself taught him
about 3 main nadis - ida, pingala and sushumna. She also gave him
experience of 7 chakras. Not only that AV also heard the sound of Amba
pointing out hat 'this is anahat, this is vishiddha, etc'

He also quoted from saraswati rahasya upanishad on which except Upnishad
Brahmendra no one quoted it. They are studing these upanishads like
Dakshinamurthy and Saraswati Rahasya for Self Study. Unlike advaitins, some
do not consider all 108 upanishads as authentic.

Why would an acharya of the stature of shankaracharya would make his
beloved student, who is a chosen successor of the peetham to study them.
AV's acharya / Guru also quoted extensively from Prabodha sudhakara to
induce vairagya on Srinivasan (pre-sanyasa name of AV). Not many think this
world is genuine work of Adi Sankara.

Shringeri Shankracharyas are far far away from this world of scholars. The
author of the blog may have read polemical works, but he does not know the
life of an advaitins and the life of shringeri shankcacharyas.

Anyways, thanks for sharing.



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