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I did not know before the Yajnopavita Sacred thread can be prepared by
Brahmin Vidhava or Virgin. I regularly buy sacred thread in the Pooja
articles shops or they will give it in a Math. I never asked how they
prepared it. Now I know we have to get the threads from a Brahmin Widow or
Virgin and prepare the Knot and wear it.

All Shakhas of Yajur Veda are following the same practice or only
Agniveshya? Thank you.

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> Srī mātre namah
> Dear group members,
> Agniveshya sutra is one of lesser followed sutra of krishna yajurveda .
> I have posted post about yagnopavita dharan vidhi of this sutra on my blog
> .  l request you to visit.
> http://wp.me/p4M2ms-4y
> Regards
> Animesh
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