[Advaita-l] In daily Nitya Brahma Yajna and other rituals the first four Vedic Mantrasare Agnimeele for Rig, IsheTvorje Tva for Yajur, Agna Ayaahi Veetaye forSama and S.....

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Srī mātre namah


As you questioned shnno devi..... is not starting mantra  of saunaka shakha .
Due to more fame  ( popularity ) of paipalada shakha it's first mantra is recited as first mantra of atharva veda . In bramha- yagya of our shakha  we recite" trisaptiyam " as first mantra. Another aspect to use shnno devi mantra is instruction of Gopatha bramhana to recite it before 
trisaptiyam . 
No shno.. Mantra don't belongs to shani graha  in our shakha we use "prana sukta" for shani graha.

Paipalada shakha don't lack svaras . It's portion are lacking svaras not whole samhita .I personally know few vedic bramhans ( belonging to Orrisa )  who recites paipalada samhita with svaras. It seems that 
They have preserved svaras orally.With Svara edtions of paipalada samhita are going to be published .
I will inform you about such editions of paipalada samhita.
Even partial svara version edited by srī Raghuvīr on archive is there.

Animesh Nagar
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