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Srī mātre namah 

Dear group members,

Sandhyavandan vidhi for three Vedas is available on internet. I have posted sandhyavandanam vidhi of atharva veda , saunak shakha on my blog.
I request you all to visit it.
It is an attempt to preserve lesser known tradition and   rites of  atharvan veda.



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>Today's Topics:
>   1. Re: : New experiment to test the nature of universe -	The
>      Hindu (kuntimaddi sadananda via Advaita-l)
>   2. Request from SAMATA Books (Ramani Balasubramanian via Advaita-l)
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>Subject: Re: [Advaita-l] : New experiment to test the nature of
>universe -	The Hindu
>PraNAms to all
>In the referenced article that Subbuji provided the link, they talk
>about quantum uncertainty. Here are my comments when I was reading the
>Quantum uncertainty that Heisenberg proposed involve simultaneous
>accurate determination of two dependable entities, such as momentum and
>special coordinates. The uncertainty does not apply to measurement of a
>single entity, momentum or special coordinates.  This particular
>article refers to quantum uncertainty of time and space, considering
>them as interdependent, and the uncertainty can arise at quantum level
>if one tries to measure them simultaneously and accurately. The
>measurement of each separately should not be a problem as per the
>original Heisenberg theory. This is quantum uncertainty. 
>In advaita Vedanta we also talk about uncertainty as inexpressibility
>or anirvacaniiyam
>Vedanta talks about much higher order of uncertainty than what quantum
>uncertainty provides.  This in fact was illustrated in the
>Schrodinger’s cat problem. The essence of that problem is conscious
>entity is required to make probabilistic to deterministic system.  If
>someone asks – Is there a chair in that room? . The answer is it maybe
>there or may not be there – or the probability that it is there is only
>50%.  The uncertainty remains until I confirm it one way or the other.
>This is true for any object in the universe including quantum theory,
>and even Heisenberg himself, whether he was there or not. From my
>reference, all come under objectifiable entities.  The probability
>shifts to determinism only when, I, the conscious entity confirm using
>appropriate pramANa.  
>Question – how about other people confirming this? 
>Ans- from their individual references, the system has become
>deterministic for each individual. However from my reference, even
>other people existence itself is also probabilistic until I confirm
>their existence by pramana and further learn through their shabda
>pramaana what they confirmed. 
>Because of this reason only when I go to deep sleep state, I can
>dismiss the whole world of objects since the mind that cognizes is
>folded. The 2-D and 3-D projections that the articles talks about may
>be of interest by itself but from the point of the truth which is
>beyond any –D-, since all dimensions are objectifiable entities.  I am
>being infinite is beyond any dimension and only for communication we
>call it as beyond space-time dimensions while in fact it is all
>inclusive yet beyond any inclusions.  Objective sciences can only deal
>with objectifiable entities using objective tool that includes quantum
>theories. They cannot address the uncertainty discussed in Vedanta
>without consideration of consciousness which cannot be objectified and
>therefore objectifiable tools are not inadequate.  Hence Shankara’s
>statement – anena vedyam tat shasastram, iti Vedanta DiDimaH – that by
>which these (brahma satyam, jagan mithyaa, jiiva brahma eva na aparH)
> can be known is the real science – declares Vedanta. 
>Just for the record, the space is recognized as observation (by a
>conscious entity implied) of two simultaneous points,. Hence in the
>cognition of NOW, space can be inferred from stereographic observation
>of two points since we have two eyes that are separated by 7degs to
>record such a projection. 
>On the other hand, time involves two sequential events (observations by
>a conscious entity) – The sequence being NOW (through pramaana) and
>THEN (from memory) and the gap providing the time. Since every
>objectifiable entity becomes deterministic only with the involvement of
>conscious entity, both space and time become valid only with
>consciousness present while consciousness itself is independent of
>either space or time since they are associated with cognitions.
>Consciousness comes as cognizing entity not cognizable entity hence
>beyond space and time and also beyond any instruments or measurements
>limited by space and time. 
>Hari Om!
>Shree Subbuji provided this link:
>“We want to find out whether space—time is a quantum system just like
>matter is,” said Craig Hogan, director at the US Department of Energy’s
>Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)’s Center for Particle
>Astrophysics and the developer of the holographic noise theory.
>“If we see something, it will completely change ideas about space we’ve
>used for thousands of years,” said Hogan.
>Quantum theory suggests that it is impossible to know both the exact
>location and the exact speed of subatomic particles.
>If space comes in 2-D bits with limited information about the precise
>location of objects, then space itself would fall under the same theory
>of uncertainty. 
>From: Ramani Balasubramanian via Advaita-l
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>Sent: Tue Sep 02 21:48:09 IST 2014
>Subject: [Advaita-l] Request from SAMATA Books
>On behalf of SAMATA books Madras, I am posting their request as hey are
>one of the few book stores selling books on Vedanta. As seen from their
>request the store is in need of funds to keep operations going. Any one
>interested can contribute directly.
>Due to paucity of funds we are unable to reprint the books.  We are in
>a crisis.  My fear is if some publisher prints my books i will be
>doomed.  We need Rs.3 Lakhs to reprint JNANESHWARI, THE DAKSHINAMURTI
>in circulating our appeal to your friends and like minded souls, it
>will be helpful for us.  Sorry for bothering you.
>+91-94440 10706
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