[Advaita-l] Past, Present and Future

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chandramouliji - PraNAms

No, I am not interpreting the Goudapada statement. I am just providing the analysis of the very time concept which is independent of Goudapaada statement, while the later statement has some implication, since there he is negating the reality to any creation. When time itself is not real, the rest also follows - that includes even the Goudapaada statement, while it provides a basis for teaching. 
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 Sri Venkateshji and Sri
 Pranams. I presume both of you are interpreting
 the Gaudapada karika << Adau
 ante ca
 yAn nAsti vartamAnepi tat tathA>>. I think the meaning
 different. What I understand from it is
 as follows.

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