[Advaita-l] Past, Present and Future

Venkatesh Murthy via Advaita-l advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org
Tue Sep 2 21:59:24 CDT 2014


I am making this statement and want to know opinions of others. I think
Past is an illusion and Future is also illusion only. What happened is not
happening now. It is not existing now. Past is illusion. Future is not
existing also. It is an illusion.

The Present we are seeing is also illusion. Why? Because we are seeing
something but that thing's Past and Future are false. It was not there in
Past and will not be there in Future. It cannot be there now also.

Adau ante ca yAn nAsti vartamAnepi tat tathA



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