[Advaita-l] Pratyabhijna

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Fri Nov 28 05:35:35 CST 2014

Kameswara Rao, PraNAms

Pratyabhijna means recognition of oneself. I am - + all activities that involve time, space and object wise limitations. I am- remains the same at least from birth to death while the BMI is changing. Pratyabhijna is recognition of myself as the very-existent conscious entity that does not undergo any change in spite of all changes in the BMI and the external world. With Vedanta teaching one also recognizes that the self that I am is the self in all - sarva bhutastam aatmaanam sarva bhutanicha aatmani. 

Hari Om!

On Thu, 11/27/14, KAMESWARARAO MULA <kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

    I head several times the word name of "Pratyabhijna"
 through many people, but I dont't know what exactly
 it is. I request any learned members to give the details of
 what is Pratyabhinja? How is it related to Advaita
 Philosophy? I mean how it is different from Adi
 Shankara's Works.

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