[Advaita-l] GOD IS ONE Or MANY

KAMESWARARAO MULA kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in
Fri Nov 21 09:18:44 CST 2014

Dear Members,                       This was from the conversation between Ramakrishna Paramahansa with a great Maha Swami who lived on this earth for almost 300 yrs.Sri Ramakrsihan Paramahansa asked whether God was one or many. For this Maha swami answered in a sign language in Samadahi (Susuhpti) you will know God is one and when you have taste for the world (Turiya) then God is many. The same things again explained by Ramakirshna to his disciples as follows.
According to Paramahansa (Supreme Swam), The inner light of the persons, i mean Tejas shakti arising out of the body is same then god is one if it is different then god is many. What Ramakrishna wanted to convay was that Eshwara is ONE only  as the divine light of all the people is one only and it is not at all different.
Then for another question of what is love by ramakrishna, Mahaswami replied with a smile like this
Love is nothing but to worship your own diety by all modes of Bhakti (Nine in Number) and get into Ecstacy until tears start flowing from your eyes. 
Religion is nothing but Truth.
Lastly What is the Duty of Living Soul? As answered by Maha Swami, " To see in his own soul the divine soul or Universal soul and take the pledge to  serve him".
with regardsKameswara

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