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Animesh - PraNAms

He is translating mithyaa as illusion. mithyaa is neither sat nor asat. 

1. Brahman being infinite there cannot be anything other than Brahman. If there is something other than Brahman then Brahman ceases to be Brahman. 

2. If jiiva and jagat are separate from Brahman then Brahman is no more Brahman since he is limited by jiiva and jagat which are different from Brahman. If they are same as Brahman then we also have problem since we are now differentiating infinite into parts. Infinite to be infinite it has to be part less. 

3. Thus we have problem since we have to keep Brahman as Brahman (infinite and part-less ) at the same time account the experiential and jagat. 

4. Scripture also says Brahman is pure consciousness - prajnaanam brahma - If consciousness is infinite then we also have a problem to account the jagat which is inert. 

5. To get around these problem we have to say the divisions (Jiiva, Jagat and his Parashakti) are only apparent and not absolutely real - just the dream world of plurality. Mandukya Up. presents and analyzes the waking, dream and deep sleep state and show what mithyaa means by defining the absolute truth in Mantra 7. 

Hari Om!

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 Srī mātre namaH 
 Namaste ,
 I was reading a Gujarati book ( with hindi translation of
 gujrati verses ) 
 " Bhairvopadesha " by Sri GuptAvatara bAbA sri .
 ( Let me introduce him, 
 He was guru of Sri ShankarAcharya Trivikram Tirtha Ji of
 ShArda pItha .He initiated him into devine patha of sri
 vidya , He imparted mAhA shAmbhava dikshA+ mAhA aghOra
 dikshA  to sri shankarAcharya ji. )
 While reading his book , which was a gurati prose
 translationAnd if  of gItA , I came across a footnote which
 was quite misleading. I'm giving it in English " Some people
 use to say bramha satyaM jaganmithyA i.e. only bramha is
 ultimate reality .But if bramha is only truth them the jagat
 ( world ) is illusion .If world is illusion then jIva
 residing in world also should be a illusion.
 If it is so then how world is seen .
 It is quite misleading siddhAnta , world is not a illusion ,
 The parAshakti resides in form of jada shakti  ( static
 energy )and chaitanya shakti ( dynamic energy )  in the
 world .world is ever changing ( parivartan maya )
 I request members to clarify it.
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