[Advaita-l] kAthak sandhyAvandan prayoga

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Tue Nov 18 13:39:13 CST 2014

Srī mātre namaH

Namaste ,

sandhyAvandan is a basic ritual that a brAhman should observe  after upanayan till death( not in case of sannyAsa ) .The tradition of kaThas ( kashmiri brAhmans )
) is  declining fast.
I have used a ritual manual of satIsara vidwAns for this kAthak sandhyAvandan prayoga .
Neither I'm Kashmiri brAhman nor a yajur shAkhA-adhyAyi but the place today I live (Ujjain ) was a place where these kath ( charaka shAkhA was learnt ) shAkhA was studied long time ago.
I don't known reason but will call this grace of my guru and parAmbA that I was able traced some information about this charaka-katha shAkhA.
Better to end with words of Michael Witzel of Harvard University "While the Caraka Śåkhå still was well-known to the commentators until the end of the first millennium (there followed a retreat of the school to a few areas in Central India. This is matched by the evidence of inscriptions and copper plates. During the last few centuries, the Carakas could only survive in some districts of Northern and Eastern Maharashtra and of central  Madhya Pradesh ."

I request all group members to visit post on kAthak sandhyAvandan prayoga.



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