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Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Mon Nov 17 22:50:15 CST 2014

Srī mātre namaH


Srī Vidya shankara wrote "
Permit me to list the following proof-reading points on the rudra krama pATha that you recently uploaded. 

अस्य श्री रुद्राद्याय - mahAprANa needed in rudrAdhyAya

चातुर्मास्यात्मने शिकायै - mahAprANa needed in shikhAyai
ध्यायेदीप्सित सिद्धयेऽद्रुतपदं  - I have learnt it as dhruvapada.  I cannot make sense of siddhaye - adr......."

I'm very great full for his valuable comments , I will shortly correct the faulty points.

But sir at instance you wrote " नि॒षं॒गथि॒ रिति॑ नि-सं॒गथिः॑ ।।  - I distinctly remember being taught this as नि॒षं॒गथि॒ रिति॑ निषं॒गथिः॑ ।।, i.e. without a break after ni, with a comment added by my teacher that this word is not split the way nishangine is split in later anuvAkas. "
Sir I had used the kramapAtha recited by Maharashtra + Varanasi 
Brahmins belonging to taittarIya shAkhA.
They split above pada in same manner which I posted .
( I will mention all your points in my post and upgrade it with a erreta .
It may be possible south version and north version vary at some points. I had used chawkhamba edition of taittarIya samhitA published from Varanasi  .

Thank you again for valuable comments


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