[Advaita-l] References to Critics of Sankara's Gita Commentary

saha niranjan sahaniranjan at yahoo.co.in
Mon Nov 17 11:46:58 CST 2014

Dear List,

For handy/ readymade reference, could any body help me find out places/verses where critics like Ramanuja, Madhva, Bhaskara (Anandavardhana, Ramakantha, Rajanaka, Abhinavagupta) have criticised Sankara in explicit/implicit terms in their respective Gita commentaries. 

I'll also appreciate to know if any other ancient commentators (barring the abovementioned commentators) of the Gita have criticised Samkara explicitly/implicitly in their respective commentaries on the Gita.

With best regards,
Niranjan Saha

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