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Recently I was listening to the well-known Vishishtadvaitin scholar and exponent Sri VeLukkuDi Krishnan Swami's discourses on the Tiruppavai. He mentioned something that was very new and interesting to me:

In the srivaishnava (vishishtadvaita) tradition there are two streams: propounded by Vedanta Desika and Pillai Lokaacharya. While the former advocates sharaNAgati the latter disagrees with him that that is not the upAya but the Lord Himself is the upAya to be sought for mokSha. These two streams have gained very distinct positions in the srivaishnava tradition that they go by the names 'vaDakalai' and 'tengalai' respectively and a considerable amount of animosity too prevails between the two groups.

I feel that the above statement of Shreeman Krishnan Swami does seem to be completely correct. I think he is Tangalai Swami.

Both Vadahalai and Tenagalai relay on sharanagati - as charama sloka says - maam ekam sharaNam vraja.. 
and also ... maamevaye prapadyante maayaam etaam tarantitie.. Hence Sharanagati is the essence of the path as Shreeman Ramanaju as stated in his Sharanagati gadyam. They do not deviate from that essence. Vadahalai relay on maarjnaala nyaaya and tengalai on markataka nyaya. In the maarjaala nyaaya  once surrendered it is the responsibility of the Lord to take care of the jiiva like mother cat takes care of its kittens while in the markataka nyaaya it is the responsibility of the jiiva to hold on to His feet just as baby monkey holds on to its mother for security. There are some other differences in terms of role of Maha Lakshmi since both are Shree vaishnavisms as one has to go through maha lakshmi to approach Narayana.

Hari Om!

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