[Advaita-l] Mundakopanishat article series - Part 11

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The correct understanding is He sees but He does not see. Indriyaani indriyaaarteshu vartante iti dhaarayan. 
The apparent plurality becomes his vibhuti.
Hari Om!

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 Namaste Subrahmanian Ji
 and Sadananda Ji
 you for the explanation. So, from Jnani's standpoint
 Since the doership or
 enjoyership agent does not arise, in the light of the
 Jnana, for such a one, there is only
 experiencing alone of one's True
 nature/Self, as the Sruti says -
 For, when there is duality, as
 it were, one sees another …but when all has
 become just his Ātman, what could one see and
 through what? .. - Br. Up.

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