[Advaita-l] Srauta , smArta ,paurAnika Achman

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Wed Nov 12 13:36:51 CST 2014

Srī mātre namah, 

Namaste Srī V Murthy 

As you seeked about Srauta , smArta ,paurAnika Achman I have already posted a post about Achman vidhi of atharva vedins on my blog .

( http://animeshnagarblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/achmanam-vidhi-for-atharvans/ )

In case of Atharvan veda , shaunaka shAkhA We always perform srauta Achmanam with a set of 4  mantras from 19th kAnda of atharva veda . 

Om. jIvA stha jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 1 ||

Om. UpajIvA sthaOp jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 2 ||

Om. SaMjIva stha SaM jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 3 ||

Om. JIvLA stha jIvyAsaM sarvamAyUrjIvyasaM || 4 ||

Rarely we perform paurAnika / smArta Achman.( yet in some cases a tantric Achman is there )
Kaushika grihya sutra have a injunction that " whenever Achman performance is there it should always be performed with set of these 4 mantras ".
Even bhAshyakAra of kaushika grihya support this view so we perform srauta Achmana with this Atharvan mantras.
Yet I have seen some atharvavedins performing smArta Achmana by following mantras .( my family do not follow this practice , we always perform Achman by those 4 mantras)

smArta Achmana mantraH
Sip water and recite: ॐ ऋग्वेदाय स्वाहा ॥
Sip water and recite:  ॐ  यजुर्वेदाय स्वाहा ॥
Sip water and recite: ॐ सामवेदाय स्वाहा ॥
Sprinkling water on the ground and washing hands recite:  ॐ अथर्ववेदाय नमः ॥

Due to intensity of work I'm quit busy ,but I will defiantly post a article about these three Achmans and inform all members about that.


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