[Advaita-l] Mundakopanishat article series - Part 11

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The above mentioned acts are also done by the Jnani with the 'I am not the
doer' bhāva alone.  And hence they do not generate puṇya phala for him that
would result in any further birth.  These actions are like burnt seeds, not
fit for germination.  That is the example given by the śāstram.

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Actually every action will have its appropriate results as per the rules. The implication is only the lack of kartRitva and bhoktRitva bhaava on the part of jnaani will not give subtler impressions in the mind or vaasanas. The prakRiti will bear the results of the actions that include the BMI of the jnaani too. If jnaani puts his fingers in the fire they will get burn, since that is prakRiti dharma. However jnaani understands that he is not getting burned even while witnessing the burning of the fingers and the associated pains at the BMI level. . 

There is an interesting story of two friends who used go out every night up to the end of the town. From there they disperse. . One goes to the temple and the other goes to the brothel place. The one who goes to the temple while doing is the puuja, his mind was dwelling in the pleasures that his friend is having everyday, while he is rotting here doing some  idol worship that does not have any reaction. On the other hand, his friend who has gone to brothel place thinking how noble his temple friend is, and he was thinking all about the holy activities that his friend is involved every day. 

This went on from many years and both died more are less at the same time. The Vishnu messengers  came to take the soul of the brothel friend while the yama messengers came to take the soul of the temple friend. Both protested that they are making a big mistake or getting confused. The yama messengers should be going to the brothel friend and the vishnu messengers should be going to temple friend. But both messengers said our accounts are very clear and we have no confusion. The mind that was dwelling in the holy activities are being taken to the holy place and the mind that was dwelling in the heinous activities is appropriately being handled. When the looked down the earth, they found that the villagers were honoring the dead body of the temple friend while the body of the brothel friend is being rotten on the road side. Hence even the bodies are appropriately rewarded. Hence the karma accounts are exact.  

This is just to show that accounting is exact at each level - BMI level. The saaskhii level there is no effect since there is no doer-ship or enjoyer-ship. 

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