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Umeshji - Going beyond the mind involves I am not the mind but I am that pure consciousness because of which  mind is enlivened. I have to use the mind to discover that I am not the mind but I am that consciousness that enlivens the mind. Even to express that I am not the mind, I need the mind. More importantly without the mind the I am pure consciousness cannot be known. Simple example is luminosity of the moon. Moon thinks that it is self-luminous by its very nature then it has avidya.I has to gain the knowledge that the luminosity that it has is due to the all pervading sunlight that is getting reflected by the moon. It is only a medium for reflection and not for the origin of the light. Another important thing is without the moon present the sun light where the moon is cannot be recognized. I need the moon to know there is sunlight where the moon is. Going beyond the moon is looking at the moon and recognizing it is not the moon that I am seeing but
 it is the sunlight that I am seeing. It is not the destruction of the moon needed but recognition of not the moon but the sunlight that I am seeing using the moon reflection. Mind cannot reach there only means pure consciousness cannot be an object of knowledge like any objective knowledge. It is that because of which every knowledge takes place using the mind. 

Hope this helps.
Hari Om!

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 Subject: [Advaita-l] Realization through Mind
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 Respected Members,
 Vedas proclaim "Yato Vacho Nivartante Aprapya
 Manasasaha"....But looks like one cannot go beyond mind
 because everything has to be cognized via mind only. Even
 during meditation if the mind is not centered it will wander
 all over the places and realization cannot be had without
 the help of the mind. I remember having read somewhere
 U.G.Krishnamurthy as saying, one cannot go beyond mind, and
 since everything has to be cognized through mind,
 realization of Brahman (which is beyond mind) is a myth.
 Can someone elaborate how Advaitic Realization is possible
 going beyond Mind? Is Nidhidhyasana is also through mind?
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