[Advaita-l] atharva vediya bhasama dhAran prayoga

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Thank you for nice explanations. Nowadays we are not preparing Bhasma at
home but buying it in shops. How do you know it is prepared correctly from
cow dung or Homa Agni? Answer - Ramachandrapura Math is preparing Bhasma
with Desi Cow Dung only. It is available in many shops. There may be other
organisations making pure Bhasma. Find out how Bhasma is prepared and then
only use it.

It is wrong to wear impure Bhasma. Some Bhasma is mixed with perfume to
give it good smell. This is also wrong.

Like this even artificial Sandal wood powder and Gopi Chandana is available
in shops. We should avoid it. Pure Sandal Wood is costly and not available
in all shops. A small Sandal Wood stick is costing Rs 500. Find out where
you can get pure Sandal wood in your city and then only use it.

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> Srī mātre namah
> Namaste ,
> Wearing of  bhasma / vibhuti is one of basic ritual in our smArta
> sampradaya.
> Bhasama dharan is small but very auspicious ritual which nullifies all the
> sins and purifies our mind and body .( if done with bhakti and sradhhA ).My
> following post provides a step by step procedure ( with mantras in full )
> of bhasma dhAran in accordance with atharva veda tradition.
> I request all members to visit it .
> I'd their is any query , question then please mail me.
> http://wp.me/p4M2ms-7L
> Regards
> Animesh
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