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> Namaste
> Must see video. We should have more and more youths like this.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_n4NorMUQI

It is indeed inspiring to listen to Suhas Mahesh.  When he said that is a
lot that is happening on the Sanskrit learning front though unnoticed by
many, I thought of sharing some efforts known to me:

1.  A friend, B.Shrivatsa, is conducting a Learn Sanskrit Through Ramayana
on Skype for the last one year, every day, 9 to 10 PM, more or less, and
about 8 people are attending.

2.  Another friend, Sri L.Narayanan, is conducting a Sanskrit Subhashitam
class from Chennai, on Skype, once a week, night, half hour, to cater to
people who can learn Sanskrit through Tamil.

3.  I am myself having a group on Skype/Zoom for over a year, with Sanskrit
Subhashitam, half hour, thrice a week, through Kannada and on an average
four-five persons attend.

I am aware of many other such efforts with emphasis on Kavya, Grammar, etc.
The internet is playing a great role in making this happen.


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> -Venkatesh
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