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Subbhuji - PraNAms

I have not gone through the write up and will do so slowly,. but for quick statement which may be semantics, as I know what you meant. 

. The pramana definition as per Vedanta Paribhasha is 

anadhigat abaadhita arthavishayaka jnaanatvam pramaaNam

anadigata that which cannot be gained by any other means, abaadhita that which cannot be negated by any other pramaanam.

Therefore pratyaksha is not annulled by other pramanams,including shaastras, since shaastras also in some sense depend on pratyaksha pramaana only since one has to hear the shaastras. . What is annulled here is the reality assumed to the pratyaksha pramaana from the point of absolute truth. Hence Shankara says - dRisyatvaat - since one sees therefore it is not real. 

For practical example is the sun rise and sun set is not negated by shastra pramaana that there is no sun rise and sun set. What is negated is not the experiencial pratyaksha pramaana but the inference associated with it that it is real where the reality is defined as three kaala abaadhitam. 

Hari Om!

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