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According to our tradition The Ramayana parayanam is completed with the Sri Rama pattabhishekam.In fact Sri Ramayana begins with Utharakandam so to say as the entire Sri Ramayana begins with SriLava and Sri Kusa reciting the Ramayana in the Ayodhya Aswamedha Maha mandapam.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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> Namasthe, I am reading Ramayana daily at the rate of one sargam per day. I am now in Yuddha Kandam. I would like to know what is the convention in doing pattabhisekham after completing reading of Yudhakanadam. Do we read Uttarakhandam and then do Pattabhisekham OR just do Pattabhisekham after finishing Yuddhakandam. What are the steps or procedure to do pattabhisekham at home. Would appreciate any valuable advice.  ThanksRamani
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