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Attn. sri Krishna sudamshu
I am at Secunderabad and a disciple of Sw,Dayananda.
If you wish to contact me ,you are welcome.
My contact # 9573659711.

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> Bharat Jhaveri
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> I am Bharat Jhaveri Son of  Damodardas Narottam das  and Manjulaben Jhaveri
> I am born in Kshatriya Varna in Bhardwaaj Gotra.
> I am a Surya vanshi Kshatriya with sub family name known as vala Darbars.
> Our kulguru is Thakur Sri Haranatha of Sonmukhi  Bengal.
> I have had the fortune to be accepted as a sishya of. Following acharyas
> 1.Sankaracharya Swami Sri Jayendra Saraswathi - Kanchi  Kamakoti. Peetham
> 2.Mahant  Sri Lait Narayan Giri, Dashnami Juna Akhada Dashswamedha Ghat Kashi
> 3. Sri Ravi Giri Girnar Gujarat
> 4.Maharishi Sri Aurobindo 5.My Yagnopavit Guru is Gayatri upasak Sri Ram Sharma Acharya
> I have been naturally interested in Vedanta Philosophy since early childhood.
> my first introduction to this philoshy was the commentary on The Patanjal
> Yoga Sutra written by Swami Vivekananda .
> I am now 56 of age and would like to devote more time to Vanaprastha ashram
> hopefully  entering the Sanyas ashram if fate permits
> Sri Krishna Sudhamsu Kambhammettu
> ---------------------------------
> I am Kambhammettu Sri Krishna Sudhamsu from Hyderabad. I am a devotee of Sri Adi Sankaracharya and I would like to attain the non-dual state, if possible, in this life.
> I am a novice in this area filled with intellectual debates and my intention in joining the mailing list is to keep reading the posts and ask questions on this subject whenever they might arise.
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