[Advaita-l] Jiiva at Satya Loka - Will He or Won't He come back

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PraNAms.  No, it is not I who made that statement. . Please check again. 

The question I posed was not for somebody going to Satya loka - but about the Viraj himself -Bri. Up says - he was alone and found that he was alone. He was afraid and thinking there there is no one else, and then reasoned himself that there is no reason for him to be afraid since there is no one else to be afraid of . Hence the scripture makes the famous statement - dviteeyaadvai bhayam bhavati.  

Scriptures does not say here directly that knowing that I am alone is the knowledge of aham bhramaasmi. 

Shankara Bhaashya seems to indicate that by self-analysis he has gained the knowledge that I am Brahman. And then Shankara poses a purvapaksha - Who taught Viraj that jnaanam, since there was no teacher to teach Viraj? 

Even though the purvapaksha was provided, I found that the extensive analysis by Shankara does not address the question posed in the purvapaksha. Hence I was seeking clarification if any one can address that. I also mentioned in the same situation in Bhagavatam, Iswara himself comes in the form of Hamsa and teaches - that is Hamsa Geeta. This is part of Uddhava Geeta. 

This does not pertain to krama mukti of jiivas going there that the questionnaire posed here - By their upaasana they do not become Viraj but only go upto Satya loka. To become Viraj one has to extensive upaasanas outlined in Bri. Up or in Tai. Up. In krama mukti the karmas take jiiva up to Satya loka and there they have to gain the knowledge  by attending Brahmaji's classes - he takes one class in every 32 years or so, as per Chandogya. Up. Jiiva has to return back if he does not attend Vedanta classes there - aabrahma bhuvanAlokAH punarAvarti nOrujna, says Krishna in 8th Ch. 

My comments were unrelated to the discussion here.

Hari Om!

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 > ""I do not think that
 > Sagunopaasaka can gain nirguna brahman by
 himself has been endorsed anywhere. Even in krama mukti, the
 jiiva in 
 >> satya loka has to be
 exposed to the teaching of
 > mahaavaakya
 to gain 
 mokha; otherwise he returns back to karma bhuumi- that is
 understanding."" -sri Jaldhar’s reply (dated May
 19 or 20, 2014)
 Actually that was Sadananda.  I agree with you
 that the jiva who attains 
 satyaloka does
 not return to samsara.
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