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The word shraddA helps one to avoid individual human.views,

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> On 24-May-2014, at 3:39 am, Sankar S via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
> With reference to Shri Jaladhar H. Vyas' posting of 22nd. instant, I feel
> it will be impossible to consider any kind of discussion on
> improvement/modification to Shankara's Advaita, if it is necessary to keep
> within the boundaries of Vedanta; secondly such discussions will obviously
> not be focussed on the historical traditions of Shankaracharya and his
> successors.
> Hence, if Shri Ram Kumar Krishnan (ராம குமரன்) is interested, he may write
> to me at my e-mail id (sangom at gmail.com). I have already written to Shri
> Ramesam Vemuri along the same lines, please.
> Sankar
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