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Here is a video clipping covering the occasion of the launch of the Project:

Shankara Jayanthi 2014 Evening Program and Launch of Advaita Sharada

  [image: image] <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWb0ye4ll8A>

   Shankara Jayanthi 2014 Evening Program and Laun...
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The talks are in Kannada.

Here is the HH Jagadguru's address on the occasion of the Shankara Jayanti:

Shankara Jayanthi 2014 Anugraha

  [image: image] <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7EbgUa9-d0>

   Shankara Jayanthi 2014 Anugraha Bhashanam
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> started today by Sringeri Sharadha Peetam to propagate the teachings of Adi
> Shankara.
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> namo vidvadbhyaH,
> Over the last two decades, Sri Shankara Advaita Research Center at
> Sringeri (http://www.sringeri.net) has been making steady progress in
> digitizing the record archives of the Sringeri Sarada Peetham and getting
> out rare Advaita texts in print. One example is the first printing
> of vaktavyakASikA, a pre-vivaraNa commentary by uttamajna yati on the
> pancapAdikA, padmapAda's partial commentary on Sankara's brahmasUtra
> bhAshya, edited with critical comments and footnotes by the fine young
> vidvAn, Sri Naveen Holla.
> Meanwhile, Sriranga Digital Software Technologies, based out of
> Mysore/Srirangapatna, has been involved in many projects that would be of
> general interest to members of Bharatiya Vidvat Parishat. For example, they
> have made available, in electronic format, a number of publications brought
> out by various important Indian institutions, including the Bharatiya Vidya
> Bhavan and Sri Ramakrishna Math and Mission. Prof. Yogananda Sastry, the
> founder of Sriranga Digital, has put together a dedicated team with
> capabilities of a high order in optical character recognition, text editing
> and Unicode encoding. If you can read Kannada script, you can get an idea
> of some of their work at http://www.sirinudi.org/index.php.
> Both institutions had separately started working on creating digital
> versions of Sankara's prasthAna traya bhAshyas a few years ago.
> Independently, I had proposed that to truly understand Sankara, scholars
> should step away from viewing his commentaries as if they were individual
> books and should instead read them in an interconnected fashion, much like
> how one would follow through hyperlinked material on a web portal. This
> idea is described in some detail in my article (SAnkara granthAH katham
> otAH protAS ca?), which appeared in a felicitation volume in honor of Prof.
> Rukmani, announced here a year ago.
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/bvparishat/rukmani/bvparishat/KlzFep5KSow/Oap6SWS7ih0J
> In Dec 2012, during the time that the Sringeri Jagadguru, Swami Bharati
> Tirtha, was staying in Hyderabad, I had passed along this hyperlinking idea
> to both Sri Anand from the Sringeri Research Center and Prof. Yogananda of
> Sriranga Digital, with the suggestion that an electronic archive of these
> seminal texts would have much added value if this hyperlinking were
> incorporated in a consistent manner as well. Interestingly enough, these
> conversations happened on a day when I met one of the leading lights of
> BVP, Prof. Korada Subrahmanyam, in person, thanks to the good offices of
> Sri Siva Senani Nori, another member of BVP.
> Things have progressed very well over the last year and a half. The
> Sringeri Peetham and Sriranga Digisoft have pooled their resources and
> their work together, resulting in a high quality electronic archive of the
> prasthAna traya bhAshyas. Not only the hyperlinking concept, but
> also various other features, such as incorporation of audio files and
> search functionalities, have been implemented beautifully. Using the
> electronic archive now available at http://advaitasharada.sringeri.net,
> it is possible for a scholar to navigate seamlessly from one bhAshya to
> another and back, through the hyperlinked vishaya-vAkya-s and other source
> text citations. Some upanishat texts like kaushItakI and SvetASvatara,
> which Sankara often cites but has not commented upon, have been made
> available as basic source texts, without any commentary. This archive is
> the first comprehensive online resource that collects all the central
> Sankaran commentaries in one place, in one self-consistent format that is
> easy to read, rendered in contemporary Devanagari script. It was released
> online by the Sringeri Acharya just a couple of weeks ago, on the occassion
> of this year's Sankara Jayanti.
> A very useful search function has also been included in this release. For
> example, one could search for the term "Anandamaya" in one or more bhAshyas
> and correlate what they say, from taittirIya and mANDUkya upanishad
> bhAshyas to the AnandamayAdhikaraNa and AnandAdyadhikaraNa in the sUtra
> bhAshya. Or, one could search for "citta vRtti nirodha" or "samAdhi" and
> find out what is said about yoga in these various texts. Thus, whether
> through use of the hyperlinks encoded into the archive or just by using the
> search function or perhaps using both features, one can gain a more
> comprehensive view of what Sankara says about a particular topic than the
> usual methods adopted hitherto with printed publications. The online
> archive is geared to help both a paNDita/mumukshu in a traditional
> instructional context and the academic critical scholar in a modern
> university context. Needless to say, such an approach could be applied
> across the board to other fields as well, which would greatly aid the study
> of vast amounts of Indian knowledge material. Personally, I am immensely
> pleased that the Sringeri Sarada Peetham, in keeping with its central
> historical legacy in the Sankaran tradition, is the first official provider
> of this online content in the service of the advaita vedAnta darSana.
> In order to regulate user traffic and authenticate access, a user
> registration is required. I request BVP members to make use of the archive
> and pass along your valuable critical feedback. It will be very highly
> appreciated and used to improve the archive content and its usability. The
> material already available is certainly a vital starting point at this
> juncture and plans are already on to add to it and improve it over the near
> future.
> With best regards,
> Vidyasankar
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>> Subject: Advaita Sharada - Excellent project started today by Sringeri
>> Sharadha Peetam to propagate the teachings of Adi Shankara.
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