[Advaita-l] Isavasya Upanisad 9th Mantra

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Nithinji - PraNAms

Pratyavaaya paapam is set to come when vedavishita nitya naimittika karmas are not performed as per one's varnaasrama dharmas.  At the same time there is no punyam when they are performed. 

It is like by not doing, one will incur sin but doing it one will not get any merits. In Tai. Up. Bhashya Shankara criticizes this as non-existent thing giving some demerits,  By performance one gets purity of the mind if they are done with understanding. 

There are many however disagree in this list as well as else where. There was some discussion related this this topic few years ago. 

Hari Om!

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 Can anybody elaborate on

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