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On Thu, 22 May 2014, Sankar S via Advaita-l wrote:

> This is with reference to Shri Ram Kumar Krishnan (ராம குமரன்)'s message
> regarding Pure Advaita as discussed in Jeyamohan's (Tamil) blogs. As a
> person who has made some sincere efforts to understand Shankara's advaita,
> I am in agreement with much of what Shri Jeyamohan says. But such views may
> not be agreeable to the established advaitin scholars because the present
> day brand of advaita practice is mostly "Dwaita" viewpoint packaged in
> advaita packages.

Umm no it isn't.  You are already off to a rocky start!

> If the moderator is willing to allow free discusiions I will try to put
> foreward what little I have been able to understand about pure advaita.

First of all, "Pure Advaita" is meaningless because Advaita is an 
adjective.  It would be like opining about "pure blue" or "pure tall." 
Blue what or tall what?"  In this case the noun that Advaita qualifies is 
Vedanta.  If you wish to claim that the present day sadhana is not 
properly founded on Vedanta or even that it should not be founded upon 
Vedanta then state your case but be prepared to back it up with facts and 

100% free discussions would lead to chaos as everyone has their own 
opinions and assumptions.  For this reason we are trying to keep the focus 
on the historical tradition of Shankaracharya and his successors.  There 
is some leeway but not an infinite amount.

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