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Indeed, I have been partly involved with this effort, but all the hard work to make it available has been put in by the good people at Sriranga Digisoft, working with the dedicated young people at Sringeri, who are behind the current online presence of the peetham. Both the Advaita research center at Sringeri and Sri Yogananda of Sriranga Digisoft had been independently working on generating easy to use electronic texts of the prasthAna traya bhAshyas, and have now pooled their efforts, along with implementing the idea to use source text citations as convenient hyperlinks to guide navigation through these texts. The archive has come up very recently, on Sankara Jayanti day, and is somewhat of a work in progress. A few other members of this list have also been involved behind the scenes, in getting things going. 
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Subject: Hyperlinked Saankarabhaashyam from Sringeri Matha
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I just came to know of a project by the Sringeri Matha (Shankara Bhashya), which has interlinked the prasthanatraya bhashya. I remember Sri Vidyasankar Sundaresean mooting the exact same project with the IT wing of Sringeri Matha, sometime back. Whatever be the motivation behind this, this is a great blessing by the Matha.Shankara BhashyaAcknowledgements View on advaitasharada.sringeri.netPreview by YahooN. Siva Senani

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