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I have never understood why Pandavas did not get more children after the
war with Draupadi and Subhadra. Why they were so desperate to rescue

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> V Subrahmanian wrote:
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> > Is the story of Parikshit the way it is narrated here the same as the
> one in the Bhagavatam?  I have heard that Ashwatthama's missile was aimed
> at destroying the fetus that was growing in Uttara's womb.  When she
> appealed to Krishna to save the baby, Krishna entered the womb and
> protected the child from the effects of the missile.  Since the child had
> the darshan of Krishna even while in the womb, he came to be known as
> Parikshit.
> >
> http://www.tattvaloka.com/magazine/may-2011/article/parikshit-confronts-kali-yuga
> > Is the incident of the baby delivered still born and Krishna reviving a
> post delivery one or a narration in a different purana?
> I had quoted from the Mahabharata (Ashvamedhika Parva) in a posting
> earlier this month - see below. The reference to Krishna as a Brahmachari
> is from the Gopala Tapaniya Upanishad - also follows. Ramana Bhagavan has
> taken the liberty to connect the two stories.
> http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m14/m14069.htm
> That foremost of beings, hearing those heart-rending lamentations of hers,
> touched water and withdrew the (force of the) Brahma-weapon. That hero of
> unfading glory, belonging to the race of the Dasarhas, promised to give the
> child his life. Then he of pure soul, said these words in the hearing of
> the whole universe,--'O Uttara, I never utter an untruth. My words will
> prove true. I shall revive this child in the presence of all creatures.
> Never before have I uttered an untruth even in jest. Never have I turned
> back from battle. (By the merit of those acts) let this child revive! As
> righteousness is dear to me, as Brahmanas are specially dear to me, (by the
> merit of that disposition of mine) let Abhimanyu's son, who is born dead,
> revive! Never hath a misunderstanding arisen between me and my friend
> Vijaya. Let this dead child revive by that truth! As truth and
> righteousness are always established in me, let this dead child of
> Abhimanyu revive (by the merit
>  of these)! As Kansa and Kesi have been righteously slain by me, let this
> child revive today by that truth!' After these words were uttered by
> Vasudeva, that child, O foremost one of Bharata's race, became animate and
> began gradually to move, O
> monarch.'
> Krithna as a Brahmachari:
> http://www.celextel.org/upanishads/atharva_veda/gopalatapaniya.html
> Gopala Tapaniya Upanishad
> Chapter Two
> 5. The Gopis said: How will we cross the Yamuna's waters and approach Him,
> from whom great blessings will come?
> 6. Krishna said: Say the words Krishna, the brahmacari, and the Yamuna
> will give you a path.
> ...
> 12. Gandharvi (Srimati Radharani), the best among them, reflected for a
> moment.
> 13. She said: How is Krishna a brahmacari? How is this sage a person that
> eats only Durva grass?
> > subrahmanian.v
> >
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> > I just happened to search "Talks with Ramana Maharshi" on Bhagavan
> mentioning Krishna, and was surprised to find the incident of Krishna
> reviving Parikshit indirectly referred to as a "siddhi", along with an
> exhortation not to judge a Jnani by his conduct! Here it is:
> ------------------
> Talk 449.
> Sri Bhagavan now warned the hearers against the mistake of disparaging
> a Jnani for his apparent conduct and again cited the story of Parikshit.
> He was a still-born child. The ladies cried and appealed to Sri Krishna
> to save the child. The sages round about wondered how Krishna was
> going to save the child from the effects of the arrows (apandavastra)
> of Asvatthama. Krishna said, “If the child be touched by one eternally
> celibate (nityabrahmachari) the child would be brought to life.” Even
> Suka dared not touch the child. Finding no one among the reputed saints
> bold enough to touch the child, Krishna went and touched it, saying, “If
> I am eternally celibate (nityabrahmachari) may the child be brought to
> life.” The child began to breathe and later grew up to be Parikshit.
> Just consider how Krishna surrounded by 16,000 gopis is a
> brahmachari! Such is the mystery of jivanmukti! A jivanmukta is
> one who does not see anything separate from the Self.
> If however a man consciously attempts to display siddhis he will
> receive only kicks.
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