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Is the story of Parikshit the way it is narrated here the same as the one
in the Bhagavatam?  I have heard that Ashwatthama's missile was aimed at
destroying the fetus that was growing in Uttara's womb.  When she appealed
to Krishna to save the baby, Krishna entered the womb and protected the
child from the effects of the missile.  Since the child had the darshan of
Krishna even while in the womb, he came to be known as Parikshit.


Is the incident of the baby delivered still born and Krishna reviving a
post delivery one or a narration in a different purana?


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> I just happened to search "Talks with Ramana Maharshi" on
> Bhagavan mentioning Krishna, and was surprised to find the incident of
> Krishna reviving Parikshit indirectly referred to as a "siddhi", along with
> an exhortation not to judge a Jnani by his conduct! Here it is:
> ------------------
> Talk 449.
> Sri Bhagavan now warned the hearers against the mistake of disparaging
> a Jnani for his apparent conduct and again cited the story of Parikshit.
> He was a still-born child. The ladies cried and appealed to Sri Krishna
> to save the child. The sages round about wondered how Krishna was
> going to save the child from the effects of the arrows (apandavastra)
> of Asvatthama. Krishna said, “If the child be touched by one eternally
> celibate (nityabrahmachari) the child would be brought to life.” Even
> Suka dared not touch the child. Finding no one among the reputed saints
> bold enough to touch the child, Krishna went and touched it, saying, “If
> I am eternally celibate (nityabrahmachari) may the child be brought to
> life.” The child began to breathe and later grew up to be Parikshit.
> Just consider how Krishna surrounded by 16,000 gopis is a
> brahmachari! Such is the mystery of jivanmukti! A jivanmukta is
> one who does not see anything separate from the Self.
> If however a man consciously attempts to display siddhis he will
> receive only kicks.
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