[Advaita-l] 'world' is not the mental creation of tiny soul !!

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Just one point, before I go, Perhaps I have made this point before.

Being not extensively familiar with eka vs aneka jiiva vaadas - I must point out based on my understanding that one cannot have eka jiiva notion without perceiving aneka jiivas in the creation that he is transacting. I recognize that from my point I am the subject and everything else is object for my cognition and transaction. Yet this is true with every jiiva in the creation. The problem is if I have given reality to my jiiva-hood due to ignorance, the same ignorance also gives the reality to the other jiivas as real - otherwise I can not transact with the world. In essence eka jiiva and aneka jiivas are two sides of the same coin, where ignorance form the basis for both. 

The point is even if one thinks that there is only jiiva and the rest is objective world including other beings as objects of cognition, it does not mean that he created the other jiivas and then cognizing them as part of the mental perception. If there is eka jiiva aneka jiivas follow. 

Importantly even if it is eka jiiva , the world that he perceives and cognizes is not his creation but that of Iswara of that world - true both for waking and dream.
Here ignorance of each jiiva is giving reality to the plurality not creating the plurality and then giving reality- there is a difference. Therefore a jnaani still see the plurality but does not give reality and understands that it is all mithyaa  or vibhuuti of the Lord or the self. 

Since you have brought in eka jiiva vaada, I have to just clarify my understanding. Just clarification from my point. 

Hari Om!

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 various posts in this discussion with me.
  I can understand that those who are not exposed to the
 traditional study
 of the Vedanta are not familiar of the eka jiva construct
 which is by
 default the method of the prasthanatraya bhashya-s. 
 Let's  agree to
 disagree on this matter.
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