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Thank you Sadananda ji for info.

This list is same as found on their website<http://samatabooks.org/home.html>



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> PraNams
> This is not advertisement but more information for those who are
> interested. Velury Krishna, son of Velury Sadananda,  just dropped by my
> house to see me. They are publishers of many Vedanta books. One cannot make
> much money in these since the market is very limited and it is very
> expensive proposition to publish the quality books. Mr. Veluri Krishna says
> one can buy the books through some book stores but many of these store do
> not carry all the books and they may be more expensive.  . He can make them
> available for those who are interested at book and shipping costs. Those
> interested please contact Mr. Velury Krishna directly or go to the website
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