[Advaita-l] 'world' is not the mental creation of tiny soul !!

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Pranams Sri Bhaskara Prabhu ji,

Hare Krishna.

So two ways are

sarvam-khalU-idam-brahma and

As SSS says that the main teaching is adhyArOpa apavAda and other methods
like transcending 3 states via OM, transcending 5 sheaths, etc are
supplimentary methods.

So teachings of both types can be found. One picks what suits him/her

In simple language,

ISvara sruShTI means graha, nakshatra, sUrya, chandra, parvata, nadI
(river), etc
jIva shrUShTI would mean relations, valuation or importance for any
particular object or person

an. e.g is diamond. Diamond is created by ISvara. But this is diamond, it
is valuable, it costs x rupees, etc is jIva sruShTI

There can be 3 ways to look at it

1. A person who values it and possess it will feel proud and concerned
about it's safety
2. A person who values it but does not possess it will feel vigna santOSa
or say he will be jealous of the one having a diamond
3. A person who will not value diamond will stay indifferent from it's
possession or loss.

3rd person is free. So remove the jIva shrUShTI, that which is created by
mind or jIva and the thing just remains a thing. Similarly about relations,
it is our attachment that makes us to do what we do. Remove the attachment
(from mind :) - not physically :D ) and you will be mentally free.

So which kind of creation is talked about is needed to be understood. Is it
the world, which is mental projection of jIva, but is it not the mental
projection of ISvara? I think jIva shrUShTI is 'our' creation inside ISvara
shrUShTI. I do not have pramANa-s to back up.

One still does not know true nature, so one has to dive deep within, to the
source. Since this world is mental projection, what mind sees or rather
perceives it projects it outward. Hence when mind experiences Brahman or
merges in it, and then it again comes down, it will project Brahman only.
Hence everything else is brahman. This is my understanding. I do not know
how exactly is the vision, but I think that when we see the Sun, we cannot
see the shadow. Sri Ramana Maharshi says, just like you clearly see duality
and not God, when you are in Jnana, you clearly see Brahman and not this

I am more of brahma satya jagat mithyA type, so I remember e.gs and
thoughts related to this concept. You and others may remember other e.g.s
Afterall Advaita also allows the practice of yOga

Sometimes I think that Jnanadev's (GYAneSvara) way of teachings is easier
to follow. Chant name of God and finally merge in NirgUNa brahman.

Am I getting off-topic?

Hari OM


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> Hare Krishna
> Sorry for interruption. Just want to make one point.
> >  You are always welcome to share your thoughts with me prabhuji.
> Upadesha-s should be said and has to be understood from the perspective
> which makes one introvert.
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