[Advaita-l] 'world' is not the mental creation of tiny soul !!

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> Anyway, as you are rightly observed yes, shankara at various places says
> mAya is avidyAkalpita, avidyApratyupasthApita, avidyAkruta, avidyAkArya
> etc.  The context we need to understand here is mAya is 'false appearance'
> which appears as if it is there due to ignorance of the truth.  If I see a
> snake in place of rope, then it is my ignorance about the true nature of
> rope.  Due to this ignorance of the real nature of rope, the false
> appearance of snake happens on the rope.  For the person who does not know
> the real nature of rope, 'the snake' appears as if it is there really.
> This false appearance of snake is called mAya which is avidyAkruta by
> jeeva.  Hence, according to shankara bhAshya, avidyA is subjective defect
> and mAya is an objective false appearance like snake in the place of rope.
>  Meaning of this is ignorance of the real nature of rope gives the
> existence for the false appearance of snake.  It is because of this reason
> only it has been said that mAya is avidyA kalpita.  But as pointed out
> before, jagat is NOT like a snake on the rope OTOH whatever is there in
> the form of pot, jug etc. it is nothing but 'clay' only.
Both sides in this argument have accepted Maayaa is responsible for
Creation. But Sri SSS has also said Maayaa is Avidyaa Kalpitaa. Other
Paryaaya Padas are Avidyaa Pratyupasthaapitaa and Avidyaakrutaa. In Sankara
Vedanta Mimamsa page 79 SSS has said for Sutra Bhashya 1 - 4 - 3 'Atra
Maayaa Shabdena Nirdishtaa Avidyaa Prtayupasthaapitaa Jagataha

Most important SSS has accepted Maayaa, Shakti and Prakruti are
Avidyaakalpita only. Sutra Bhashya 2 -1 - 14 was also referred by Swami
Advayananda Saraswati explaining this when I met him. Sarvajnasya
Ishwarasya Atmabhute Iva Avidyaakalpite Naama Roope Tattvaanyattvaabhyaam
Anirvachaneeye Samsaara Prapancheebhute Sarvajnasya Ishwarasya Maayaa
Shaktihi Prakrutihi

Name and Form Naama Roopa is imagined because of Avidyaa. Name and Form is
same as Maayaa, Shakti and Prakruti. The Creation has happened because of
the Prakruti. In the above statement Sarvajna Ishwara is not Aidyaa Kalpita
Ishwara but Brahman only. That Avidyaa is the subjective misunderstanding
of Jeeva. It is Adhyaasa in the Adhyaasa Bhashya. We can now say Jeeva's
Avidyaa has produced Maayaa or Prakruti. From Maayaa the Creation has
happened. Maayaa is Direct Creator. Jeeva is Indirect Creator.

Brahman is Sarvajna because he knows all as Brahman. He does not know
particular details of anything.

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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